Set Us on the Right Path

Dear Neil,  You deserve the deepest appreciation we can send. The work you did with us set us on the right path. Now enough time has passed to say with certainty that it really works, and we continue to do the work. There are no more blow-ups or paralyzing threats. We are committed to continuing on this path, knowing that simple does not mean easy, especially in the “get over bad habits” department.

You have our deepest thanks, and of course, our highest recommendation.

– K&JC

Dramatic Changes Occurred

We have been struggling with challenging issues with our children for a long time and have had counseling for us and the children with little measurable results. After a few Skype sessions with Neil, dramatic changes occurred. While we still have a ways to go, we are confident that we are learning the right tools and framework to keep us on the right path.

Thank you Neil!

– V&NR

A Heartfelt Poem from a Client to Neil


How can I thank you?
I’ll ask you to remember the woman I was,
living in terror and grief
and frozen by shame.

And then, I’ll ask you to look at me now;
radiant, confident and powerfully feminine.
Open to life. Open to love.

For your part in my transformation
your name will be written large in the book of my life.
I will hold in my heart every truth you’ve shared
and every bright reflection
that you’ve offered me of myself.

When I sing my song,
the song of this life,
listen carefully and you’ll hear,
Thank you.

Changed Our Family Dynamic

The work we have done with Neil over the last few months has dramatically improved the dynamic in our family. We had fallen into a pattern of “battling” with our teenage son and allowing his behavior to control our family.

Because of his ADHD diagnosis, we accepted certain behaviors as just part of who he is. Neil helped us realize that allowing him to continue those behaviors and control our family was not going to be beneficial to him as an adult in our society.

Working together as a family we have defined our roles and responsibilities and instead of battling with each other, we are working together. We have a framework to work with and we all understand our roles in our family “ecosystem”. We have watched our son mature in ways we could not have imagined before and the fighting is now the exception instead of the norm!

– TM

A Parent's Words After Attending Neil’s Presentation

Dear Principal Davis:

Thanks for presenting Neil Brown to your High School parents last night. I must admit that I have attended a lot of parenting seminars and I feel this was the best! His message was clear and concise. His techniques were logical and valuable. I look forward to trying his techniques at home with our son.


– SW

Neil Touched the Issues Felt Deeply by the Audience

Dear Neil,

I am writing to express, on behalf of the Santa Cruz County Mortgage Foreclosure Collaborative, our tremendous appreciation for your contribution to our Foreclosure Outreach event. You gave a wonderful presentation wherein you addressed the pertinent emotional issues that confront our audience members who were entrenched in foreclosure situations.

As if the faces and tears in the audience were not enough to let us all, know that yours was an excellent presentation that touched the issues felt deeply by the audience. Comments included that, “closing session on the emotional issues was outstanding.”


– Phyllis Shafton Katz, personally, and on behalf of the Santa Cruz County Mortgage Foreclosure Collaborative