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Essential Steps To Prevent or Cure Destructive Teen Behavior

In this episode Neil reviews a blog post where a Mom shares her story of turning her painful relationship with her teen daughter around. Neil appreciates her approach yet recognizes that 1) It can be harder than it sounds and why, and 2) Often, destructive teen behavior has to be called out and immediately addressed. Neil explains that like the Mom in the story ending her Control Battle, calling out destructive behavior must be done in a way that is outside of and is part of ending a Parent-Teen Control Battle. Neil shares his powerful method for doing just that.

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How Can I Hold My 17 Yr.-Old Accountable?

In this episode Neil responds to a Mom whose previously successful and responsible 17 year-old son is smoking and vaping marijuana and his school performance is going down as well. Neil helps this Mom understand what might be going on with her son given a recent divorce, a pandemic and at-home learning, as well as entering a new stage of development. Neil then provides a healthy way to engage him while maintaining accountability.

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My Son’s Probation Officer Is Making Things Worse

In this episode Neil responds to a Mom whose 15 year-old son is on probation for theft and feels undermined by the Probation Officer. Neil explains the importance of helping professionals and agencies in supporting families and healthy family structure. In addition to providing insight into the workings of probation departments, Neil helps this Mom advocate for herself and her needs to provide her son the structure and support he desperately needs.

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