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Neil D. Brown, LCSW's professional practice provides leveraged interventions for teens and young adults and their families and programs that work with them.
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Mom talling with her teenage son

Family Issues & Transformation

Whether you’re a parent who is struggling with an adolescent or young adult’s emotional or behavioral issues, or a behavioral health organization working with individuals and families to address those issues, Neil will guide you to identify and resolve the barriers to your goals using the most effective approach for your situation.

Training for Parents of Teens and Young Adults

Adolescence is a game changer for most parents. Many can benefit by getting training in adolescent development, family dynamics, and by learning how to avoid and end debilitating control battles.

Neil’s acclaimed book, Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle, gives parents insight into the patterns he sees everyday with clients - and a practical process for how to transform them.

Young adulthood is the last stage of adolescence. In young adulthood, the brain is still maturing and adult behaviors are still shaping. If you’ve got a young adult in your household, take heart.

Learn and apply the skills presented in Neil’s book, Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle and furthered in the course, Empowered Parents, Empowered Teens.

Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle