Training 25 Psychotherapists on Parent-Teen Control Battles

Just a quick update for this week…

I had a great time training 25 psychotherapists in using the Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle family therapy model on Saturday, October 22.

Saturday, October 22

Saturday, October 22

We had a wide variety of therapists from interns and those who are relatively new to the profession, to highly trained and experienced professionals. I enjoyed the many comments and questions that came throughout the day.

Saturday, October 22

Saturday, October 22

One participant described her experience this way:

“Thanks for showing me how to empower families to get out of their limiting old patterns. I’m excited and confident that I’ll be much more effective helping them reach their goals. Having the book will help keep it all fresh for me.”

As I mentioned last week, I’m very close to launching my podcast entitled, Healthy Family Connections. It will be all about creating “out-of-the-box solutions for family success.”

So far, I have received over a dozen questions from you — my readers — that I can answer in an upcoming episode.

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