Podcast Launching Soon — Submit Your Question(s) Now!

In the coming weeks, I will be launching my very own podcast entitled, Healthy Family Connections.

In so doing, my mission will be…

…to empower parents, teens and couples in every family in the United States and beyond with skills for healthy interpersonal connections. It’s a mission we can achieve by engaging people, one conversation at a time, and providing ways to upgrade the dynamics of their interactions.

The motto for my podcast is, “Out-of-the-box solutions for family success.”

Want to ask me a question I may be able to answer in an upcoming episode?

^ Click the button to submit your question!

Otherwise, feel free to post your question below in the comments and it just might be chosen for an upcoming episode.

Either way, just be sure to spread the word by sharing this post on social media with your friends, family members and peers.

Stay tuned!

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