Helpful Advice For Teenagers

A few weeks ago, I asked my Facebook fans to share their advice for teenagers by asking this question:

What’s one lesson you learned as a teen that you want to pass on to your teen?

Helpful Advice for Teenagers

We received some excellent responses! I’ve rounded up some of the best ones for you to share with the teenager in your life.

On Relationships

Valentine: Honestly I would give a whole slew of relationship advice.
1. If he ever says one bad thing about you, even as a joke, leave him.
2. Don’t go into BDSM until you’re an adult. It’s dangerous and teenage hormone levels make you ill prepared to judge whether it’s right for you.
3. If he pressures you about kissing, touching, or anything sexual, leave him.
4. If you find him upsetting you, particularly him and not the situation, leave him. He’ll just do it again.

Olivia: Actions speak louder than words.

Megan: If a man wants to commit to you, he will.

Advice for Teenagers: If he pressures you about kissing, touching, or anything sexual, leave him.Click To Tweet

On Friendships

Valentine: Don’t expect every single friend to stay. Most will come and go, but they are still your friends.

Cassie: Not everyone who is friendly is your friend.

Iva: Your true friends won’t drop you if you decide NOT to give into peer pressure!!

Amanda: People in your life will always tell you that they love you and will never leave. Truthfully, you will hear exactly what you want to hear. That doesn’t make it true… actions do speak louder than words. When somebody shows you who they really are, believe them. It doesn’t matter if it’s just friends or more than friends, try not to be clouded by what you want to see vs what you really see. I wish I had understood that people leaving your life doesn’t necessarily have to be physically stepping out of your life. They could emotionally “check out” of your life and become an emotional burden to you, even if they’re still physically present.

Advice for Teenagers: When somebody shows you who they really are, believe them. Click To Tweet

On Being An Individual

Sky: To be myself, even if someone laughs because that just means they’re jealous of who you are. It’s okay to be different.

Lori: Never let anyone tell you who you are!! Being different is a good thing!!

Leisa: Don’t do wrong things because others are doing wrong things.

Scarlett: Not to be afraid to follow your dreams!

Mimi: Have your own goals. Don’t follow the crowd.

Laya: Don’t let anyone tell you you don’t belong in the world.

Advice for Teenagers: Never let anyone tell you who you are. Being different is a good thing.Click To Tweet

On The Choices You Make

Kathy: The choices you make as a teen have consequences that could change the course of your life dramatically.

Beverly: Respect others and respect yourself enough to always try and do the right thing, and if you can, help someone along the way.

Susan: Be kind to the people in your life cause never know when they won’t be there anymore.

Sonny: Even if you snuck out and your parents will kill you, call them if you’re drunk and need a ride.

Melissa: You have to work for what you want. It doesn’t just appear when you want it.

Dotty: Every action has a reaction! There are consequences and repercussions for everything.

Katina: To show respect and treat people how you want to be treated.

Daphne: To never live life off of “what if’s,” always take chances because you’ll never know how something will turn out, don’t let fear stop you.

Advice for Teenagers: The choices you make as a teen have consequences that could change the course of your life dramatically.Click To Tweet

Lots of great advice here! Share in the comments section what advice you would give to today’s teenagers!

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