The Neil D. Brown LCSW professional practice specializes in Family Therapy, a highly effective therapeutic approach focused on the family as a whole, interactive system.

In the same way this systemic approach works for families, it also works for organizations.

Neil can be contracted to provide custom management consulting services to corporations, business organizations, and other groups desiring to create better outcomes by strengthening organizational interactions.

Neil is a sought after speaker and trainer for organizations that understand that addressing the issue of parental burnout in the workplace will yield better results for everyone involved.


Neil D. Brown consulting with parents Whether you’re a parent who is struggling with a child or adolescent’s emotional or behavioral issues, relationship issues as a couple, or personal issues, Neil will help you identify and resolve the barriers to your goals, whether in person or by video, using the most effective approach for you. Often families are receiving services from several providers and Neil will collaborate with your other providers and programs to enable you to get the maximum support and value for you and your family.

Weekly or every other week therapy is the common model for psychotherapy, but many couples and families benefit greatly from an all day, intensive therapy experience. All day intensives bring your family or you and your partner together in Santa Cruz, California, to acquire the skills needed to break out of destructive relationship patterns and get a fresh start. This model can be especially ideal for families with teens and young adults who are completing residential treatment programs and is designed to reduce the risks of re-engaging old patterns when they return home. It is also effective for any family or couple wanting to create a re-set in their dynamics.

Prior to your scheduled date, we will meet by phone or video conference and get an initial understanding of your issues and needs, and a customized curriculum will be designed especially for you. We will meet for 90 minutes on the eve of your all day intensive, followed by a full day together with Neil and an amazing co-therapist, to maximize the benefits to your family.

Adolescence is a game changer for most parents. Many can benefit from training in adolescent development, family dynamics, and in learning how to avoid, and end, debilitating control battles. Neil’s parent training workshops are based on the understandings and skills outlined in his acclaimed book, Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle. These trainings are perfect for parent groups whether school, church, or workplace-based. Neil inspires and empowers parents with his clear model and he provides the skills, tools and practice for parents to successfully implement it.

As a reminder, young adulthood is the last stage of adolescence. If you’ve got a young adult in your household, take heart: parents of young adults also benefit enormously from learning and applying the understandings and skills of the Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle Model.

Whether speaking to school, church or other community-related groups, Neil is an inspirational speaker who brings clarity and opportunity to people looking for a way forward through their unique family circumstances. To have Neil speak at your event, contact Neil or Robin.


Research shows that many employees are struggling to effectively manage their dual roles as both breadwinners and parents. Neil’s approach enables you to identify the best ways you and your organization can support these valued employees as they struggle and stretch to meet their high workplace and parenting standards simultaneously. Yes, it can be done! As burnout goes down, satisfaction and effectiveness go up. Additionally, companies can benefit from an assessment at virtually any level. With a clear view of a company’s strengths and opportunities, a consultation with Neil offers a path forward to enhance your organizational alignment and effectiveness.

Mental Health Centers, Residential Treatment Programs and professional mental health training programs will see increased impact when providing family therapy as part of their overall service. Family therapy can be a challenging modality to work with, yet when working with troubled children and adolescents, changing a family’s dynamics is key to success.

Steeped in the traditions of Structural Family Therapy and Brief Therapy, Neil has evolved the Ending the Parent Teen Control Battle model: a model that allows the therapist to focus directly on the destructive pattern while supporting all family members to engage new healthy behaviors. If you are a therapist in any treatment setting, Neil’s training will equip you with this actionable model along with additional skills and tools to bring about the kind of lasting change your families and residents need.

Residential treatment centers, in particular, have limited access to families. With the Ending The Parent Teen Control Battle family therapy model, we strategically address every member of the family, even with limited time and when members are in different locations.

Whether speaking to employee groups, mental health professionals, or business leaders, Neil is an inspirational speaker who brings clarity and opportunity to groups looking for a way forward through their specific people-related circumstances. To have Neil speak at your event, contact Neil or Robin.