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My Son’s Probation Officer Is Making Things Worse

In this episode Neil responds to a Mom whose 15 year-old son is on probation for theft and feels undermined by the Probation Officer. Neil explains the importance of helping professionals and agencies in supporting families and healthy family structure. In addition to providing insight into the workings of probation departments, Neil helps this Mom advocate for herself and her needs to provide her son the structure and support he desperately needs.

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My Shy Wonderful Son, Is Living In His Bed

In this episode Neil responds to a Mom concerned that her shy 16 year old son is spending all his time in bed playing video games. Dad has checked out and Mom is wondering what to do. Neil shows Mom how to reengage her currently disengaged family and along the way, shows Mom how powerful she truly is.

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Is Better Good Enough?

You’ve done great work with your teen and they’ve shown growth. But there are still some areas that improvement. How can you continue to help them and lead them on the right path? Learn how in this episode.

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