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Will Someone Please Back Me Up?

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Episode 232 · Duration: 00:31:32

In this episode Neil along with his co-host Robin, respond to a Mom, rightfully concerned that her 16 year old daughter is giving cannabis to her 14 year old son.  Daughter is on probation, yet Mom can’t get support from probation or law enforcement to hold her accountable.

Today we’re hearing from Kelly in Bartow County, GA. Kelly writes:

Dear Neil,

I just listened to the podcast about the 16 year old boy smoking pot and his mother wanting him to stop. I am in a similar situation with my 16 ½ year old daughter, but my question is how do I keep my 14, almost 15 year old son from smoking pot and vaping when I am almost allowing her to do it? They are very close like 2 peas in a pod. My daughter was nearly expelled from high school last year and is currently working full time at a sandwich shop, going to alternative night school, and I make her smoke outside. I told her if I find her weed or if she smokes inside that I will throw it away. She is also on probation for something unrelated and when she doesn’t follow the rules, like staying out past curfew or not attending school, I always report things to her probation officer but they don’t hold her accountable or back me up.  She was actually pulled over without her driver's license on her, had other teens in the car that should not have been there, was out past curfew (midnight), and had weed on her). The police told me since it is ‘almost legal’ in Ga, they don’t do anything about it if it is under 1 oz. My problem is: How can I let her smoke, but not my son? I know all kids are different and you don’t treat them the same, but he used to be a good kid, and now he is going down the same terrible path she has. She says she doesn’t want him to follow in her footsteps, but she provides the weed to him. Then she tells me that she can’t stop him, because he asks for it. Please help.


Neil and Robin discuss what a healthy juvenile probation department can do and how they can support families. Neil offers Mom a plan for getting the support she needs.

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