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Use This Skill and Everyone Will Love You

The Healthy Family Connections Podcast

Episode 254 · Duration: 00:22:08

In this podcast, Neil and Robin respond to a husband and father struggling with why he isn’t being listened to or appreciated in his own family. 

Today we’re hearing from Allen from San Diego, California who writes:

Dear Neil,

My wife listens to your podcast and has encouraged me to write and ask for your assistance. She is very frustrated with the way I talk with her. Often she’ll tell me about something going on at work, and I’ll give my opinion about the situation. If I don’t agree with her, this ends up in an argument and we don’t talk for a day or so until things smooth over. Usually, this isn’t the case, and we get along pretty well. But when I think she’s off base, I can keep my mouth shut, or I can give my opinion, but I don’t want to agree with her if I think she’s wrong or is missing something. Sometimes when I don’t understand why she would be upset about something, I’ll ask her why, and even that upsets her. Same thing with the kids. I get upset with them when they’re being irresponsible or don’t listen and then she’s upset with me for being upset with them. I feel like I’m not supposed to have my own opinions in my own family.  Have you seen anything like this before?  Is there a way to solve this?

Thanks, Allen

Neil offers a powerful yet simple way to think of and build empathy skills, a missing ingredient for this husband and father.



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