Top 5 Most Popular Podcast Episodes In 2020

This year has been trying, to say the least. Parents are facing new challenges with their teens. Or, the challenges they were already facing are now exacerbated by our current climate. With many people spending less time on social activities outside the house, they're turning to the internet and social media to consume information.

This week, I rounded up my most viewed podcast episodes from this year. These are the episodes parents are turning to in this time of great need to find solutions to existing problems they had or new issues that have since arisen. I hope these episodes help you as they have so many others.

If you're facing something specific and you'd like my insight, don't be shy! Submit your question to be answered on a future episode. As you can see, many other parents and families can benefit from your question.

Top 5 Most Popular Podcast Episodes In 20201. My Husband Undermines My Parenting

To date, this episode is my most popular episode ever. And for good reason! It's a challenge many parents face in their homes. It’s hard enough when you have a control battle with your teenagers, but what do you do if you have a control battle with your spouse too? Many parents have found benefit in the advice I offer.

2. How Do I Deal With My Critical Mother?

On the 100th episode of the Healthy Family Connections podcast, I offered advice to a woman dealing with her chronically critical mother. Can you relate? Parenting comes with struggles all its own without having to worry about a family member being critical of your every parenting choice. Listen to the advice I offered this mother.

3. My Teen Daughter Says She Hates Me

Sound familiar? Many teens become emotional and upset when things don’t go their way. Right now, they're in control of even less in their lives. That can cause quite a bit of anxiety. As a parent, you're trying to help, but it seems that no matter what efforts you put in, nothing works. I offer solutions to help you resolve this control battle with your teenager.

4. The 3 Stage Journey from Childhood to Adulthood

Many people too often think of adolescence as one thing: teenagers. But, there are 3 very distinct stages of adolescence. If you and your kids negotiate each of these stages well together, you'll set things up best for the next leg of their journey. Listen as I break down these three important stages, which you can work on even more effectively during these times.

5. Am I Helping or Enabling my Young Adult Child?

Many parents struggle with helping their young adult children become independent and motivated to transition into adulthood. So what is the right balance between helping them make the transition or just enabling them to rely on your assistance? Now is as good a time as any to work on these skills with them.

BONUS: "Help! I Can’t Get My Troubled Teen to Go to Counseling!"

This is a blog post I originally shared in 2016. The topic is one that has resonated with many parents over the years. During these times, therapy is still possible as many therapists are offering teletherapy, myself included. For parents of teenagers, you may be facing this issue, especially now. Learn how you can have a productive discussion with your teen about attending therapy, virtual or otherwise.

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During this very challenging time for our respective countries, and in our communities and families, many folks will experience feelings and situations that are overwhelming and I want to encourage you all to reach out to your mental health community. Many individual therapists and community mental health centers are providing services by phone and video platforms.

If you're looking for a resource to help keep you productive at home while also helping you become a better parent, I've prepared a free gift just for you. It’s called Parenting Through Your Child's Second 12 Years. I know you’re thinking, "What the heck, 12 more years of parenting?" Adolescence neurologically, socially and emotionally, and often financially goes to around age 24. Yes, parenting your 20-year-olds is different than the teens. Download my gift and read and learn about the different stages of adolescence and critical strategies parents can use to avoid control battles and best support their adolescents’ quest for happy successful independence.

If you haven’t already, grab a copy of my book, Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle. Many readers have told me it is the least expensive and best counseling session they’ve ever had.

Remember: take care of yourselves; you need it, you deserve it, you’re worth it.

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