The Unique Challenges of Families In Transition

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The Unique Challenges of Families In Transition

The Unique Challenges of Families In Transition

Raising Children and Teenagers is hard enough under the best of circumstance. But for those families who are living in different countries, the challenges are that much more extreme.

In this week’s podcast, we talk with Dr. Mark Burdick. Dr. Burdick is a licensed clinical psychologist and a licensed educational psychologist. Mark specializes in evaluations and placements for adolescents and young adults who require greater support in settings such as wilderness programs, residential treatment and recovery programs.

This week we offer a special welcome to our Families in Global Transition listeners.

In our discussion, Mark talks about growing up and moving from Montana to Dubai and then to Switzerland and learned of the challenges and benefits of living in different cultures. Now, he specializes in placements for teenagers and young adults needing greater support and treatment than can be provided in their community.

Mark speaks to the isolation that a dramatic move can make and how important it is to get social support as well as to get professional support.

If you are considering a placement for your teenager or young adult, or are simply looking for professional support you can reach Mark at

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Listeners, if you are living in a new country or a new state or area of your country, or if you have a friend or neighbor who is new, let’s all be mindful that it is not easy. If it’s you in a new environment, get the support you need. If it’s a friend or neighbor who is new, have some understanding and empathy for what they’re going through and offer your support. It will make a difference.

There’s lots more valuable information on our podcast this week that will help you and your family, or someone you know, make the transition to moving, no matter how far, a smooth process.

A special thanks to Dr. Burdick for the work he does and sharing his experience with us!

Please remember, take care of yourselves; you need it, you deserve it, you’re worth it. Bye for now.

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