The Top 5 Most Popular Podcasts of 2019

On the Healthy Family Connections podcast, I answer questions from parents just like you who are dealing with issues at home that may sound very similar to your own. I share out of the box solutions so your family can find success. I've rounded up the most popular podcasts of last year to share which episodes families have found most helpful recently.

The Top 5 Most Popular Podcasts of 20191. Is Hurtful Language Verbal Abuse?

If your partner is critical towards you and gets angry when you bring it up, is it verbal abuse? In this episode, Diana raises a question regarding an important issue. When do we use the word “abuse” to describe what is going on in a relationship? 

2. Should I Get Over My Feelings About My Husband Using Porn?

Pornography is available 24/7 to anyone with a connected device. What’s the impact that this has on marriages? It is an issue that gets raised in my practice quite commonly and I'm glad Jennifer reached out with her concerns regarding her husband's use of pornography.

3. How Do I Deal With My Critical Mother?

On the 100th episode of my podcast, I answer a question from a woman that I think many people can relate to. She's facing constant criticism from her mother and it's taking a toll on her role as a mother and a wife and on her mental health as well. It's a heck of a dilemma.

4. The Truth About Raising Confident, Resilient Kids

We all want to raise confident, resilient children and teenagers, but what’s the formula for achieving that? On this episode, our question comes from Tricia, a therapist living and working in Toronto, Canada. Tricia wanted to get my thoughts on her list of parenting strategies to raise kids with resilience and a healthy sense of self. It's great information that can help parents raising children at any life stage.

5. Where Do I Start When Everything Is Out Of Control?

If you’re faced with a situation where your teenager refuses to be accountable and everything is a battle, where do you start? I answered a question from Carrie who is facing a very serious control battle with her 16-year-old daughter. Carrie seemed to be suffering from parental burnout and was at her wits end with where to go next. That's a situation lots of other parents face.

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