Neil D Brown podcast episode 235

Is Adolescence A Psychiatric Condition?

The Healthy Family Connections Podcast

Episode 235 · Duration: 00:31:38

In this episode Neil along with his co-host Robin, discuss a New York Times article by Matt Richtel. It’s titled 10 Psychiatric Drugs While in High School, And She Was Far From Alone

Richtel's story describes the journey of one teenager who went on a long path of emotional pain and psychopharmaceutical responses that were obscene. Eventually, she faced personal circumstances that changed her perspective on herself and life and she got off of most drugs and developed appropriate goals and activities that made sense for her.  Did she really need to go through years of trial-and-error medication cocktails when some family therapy and mental health skill development could have done the trick?

Today's podcast discussion looks at the medicalization of emotional issues and mental health and explores ways to create a mentally healthier society for our youth.


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