Healthy Family Connections Top 10 Most Popular 2020 Episodes

2020 has been quite a year. Families have been faced with brand-new challenges. Other families have had existing issues exacerbated by the pandemic. Despite the different experiences we've all encountered this year, one thing remained constant: we all learned something.

This year, I answered some important and challenging questions related to family life and raising teenagers. Many families have found benefit in the solutions I provided. This week, I've rounded up the top 10 episodes of 2020. This is a great recap if you've been listening all year or an opportunity for listeners to catch up. I hope you find these episodes beneficial as so many others have.

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1. Natural Consequences or Parental Action

As a parent, how do you know when you should intervene or allow your child to learn the consequences of their actions? I provide solutions to help you determine the best approach for your teen.

2. Mom HELP – I Need Limits!

What do you do when your teen, with who you once had a close relationship, is suddenly exhibiting poor behavior and nothing you do works? It’s time to set limits. I have solutions that can work for you.

The Top 10 Most Popular 2020 Episodes

3. Am I Too Controlling?

Every parent has their own parenting strategy. But how do you know if you’re crossing the line between constructive criticism and controlling behavior?

4. Fixing A Toxic Mother/Son Relationship

Being stuck in a Control Battle with your young adult child is difficult, even more so during these profound times. Wondering how you can address and resolve it? This episode will help you.

5. Your Son Has Been In Decline For Too Long

How can you help your teen who seems to have been in a decline for 2 years? You’re likely feeling frustrated, but there are solutions. Learn how you can stand your ground with your teen.

6. My Son Is A Junk Food Junkie

Nutrition is no joke and needs to be taken seriously. If you’re struggling with a teen who is exhibiting poor eating habits, use my strategies to help get your child on the right track.

7. Your Control Battle Is In Your DNA

Are you in a Control Battle with your teen and nothing you’ve tried has worked? I have a solution that can help you find resolve, once and for all.

8. Can A Crisis Make Our Family Better?

Families are facing unprecedented challenges in the home right now. Instead of anger and frustration, could this be a time to make a lasting change? Learn how you could use this time to make everyone in the family feel empowered and valued.

9. Does Everything Have To Be An Argument?

We’d like for our kids to do what we say but when that transforms into a Control Battle, these situations can create a toxic emotional environment. Let’s move from defiance to collaboration.

10. Don’t Give Your Daughter Any Advice

Offering advice can be a slippery slope. There is a way to do it so that your thoughts are well-received. Learn how you can do that in this episode.

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If you're feeling a bit stuck with parenting your teen, I have a resource that can help you. Just a few months ago, I launched my parenting course based on my book, Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle. The course can help you get out of the frustrating place you find yourself in and make the shift into being the parent of a healthy, capable, gifted, and delightful teenager or young adult. It has a downloadable workbook and a series of videos that work together to guide you through the course. Check it out here.

We're continuing to face challenging times amidst the pandemic. Many folks will experience feelings and situations that are overwhelming and I want to encourage you all to reach out to your mental health community. Many individual therapists and community mental health centers are providing services by phone and video platforms. Right now, I'm offering a free 15-minute assessment call. If you’d like a consultation with me, give me a call or email and we can set up a meeting in a Zoom meeting room.

Remember: take care of yourselves; you need it, you deserve it, you’re worth it. Happy New Year!

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