Guidance For Families During COVID-19

I certainly hope you and your family are staying well during these uncertain times. I know some of you are dealing with financial issues and I know that all of us are dealing with significant challenges as we work together and make significant sacrifices to defeat this virus and limit its destruction. With kids home from schools, some parents still at work, some furloughed or laid off, and others working from home, life is different. Some parts of this can be a blessing, where we as a family slow down and spend time together, and sometimes problem areas are magnified. Here are some of the more popular and useful podcasts I’ve recorded that can be helpful during this uniquely challenging time. Read on to see if one or more can be specifically helpful in your family.

Guidance For Families During COVID-191. How Can I Support My Anxious Young Adult?

Sometimes, we give a little extra financial and emotional support to a young adult who needs it. Now especially, your young adult may require a bit more support from you. But how can you do that effectively while not allow them to become too dependant?

2. How Will My Irresponsible Son Be Successful In College?

Many parents feel the burden of pushing their teenagers to manage their responsibilities, and then worry that their teenager will fail college when parents aren’t there to manage them. Maybe right now you're realizing that fear more than ever.

3. Kids Need To Help At Home

Are you tired of being the “bad guy” in your family because you’re the one asking for cooperation and setting limits? There are likely lots of changes in your home now that kids aren't at school and it could be a difficult adjustment for everyone involved.

4. Use Accountability to Create Teen Learning and Growing

Teaching accountability to your teenagers starts with an emphasis on finding a solution that helps them learn and grow. There's no better time than now to reinforce the learning of accountability. It's a skill they'll take with them for years to come.

5. Do We Still Give Allowance When Kids Don’t Do Their Chores?

Is allowance payment for doing chores, or is it a right of passage? I get this question a lot from parents, but the answer is really a bit more involved. At the end of the day, we want our teenagers to learn to contribute to the household, which doesn't come with a price.

6. Stop the Parent-Teen Chore Battle

Do you find yourself in a constant struggle trying to get your teenager to do their chores? I’ve had the parent-teen chore struggle come up in my counseling office several times. In this episode, I take look at the subject of chores and how to support your kids in doing their chores and make it, well, less of a chore for you.

7. Where Do I Start When Everything Is Out Of Control?

If you’re faced with a situation where your teenager refuses to be accountable and everything is a battle, where do you start? I answered a question from Carrie who is facing a very serious control battle with her 16-year-old daughter. Carrie seemed to be suffering from parental burnout and was at her wit's end with where to go next. That's a situation lots of other parents face.

8. Can A Crisis Make Our Family Better?

Families are facing unprecedented challenges in the home right now. The new COVID-19 reality is creating a challenge for all families with children and teenagers. Siblings used to get a break from each other during school. In the summer, scheduled out of the home activities gave a break and now, families have lots of time together. Instead of anger and frustration, could this be a time to make a lasting change?

9. In National Crisis, We Need Our Teenagers’ Best

Do you have a teen who doesn't seem to grasp the severity of our current climate? Or are you wondering how best to support your teen? Use this guide to help your family better understand how to navigate this national crisis.

I hope you find these podcasts beneficial during these difficult times. If you enjoyed these topics and are eager to be the first to know about new podcasts, visit my website and sign up for my weekly email. And if you are enjoying my podcast, please stop over to my iTunes site Healthy Family Connections. Click on ratings and reviews, and write a brief review.

During this very challenging time for our respective countries, and in our communities and families, many folks will experience feelings and situations that are overwhelming and I want to encourage you all to reach out to your mental health community. Many individual therapists and community mental health centers are providing services by phone and video platforms.

If you're looking for a resource to help keep you productive at home while also helping you become a better parent, I've prepared a free gift just for you. It’s called Parenting Through Your Child's Second 12 Years. I know you’re thinking, "What the heck, 12 more years of parenting?" Adolescence neurologically, socially and emotionally, and often financially goes to around age 24. Yes, parenting your 20-year-olds is different than the teens. Download my gift and read and learn about the different stages of adolescence and critical strategies parents can use to avoid control battles and best support their adolescents’ quest for happy successful independence.

If you haven’t already, grab a copy of my book, Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle. Many readers have told me it is the least expensive and best counseling session they’ve ever had.

Remember: take care of yourselves; you need it, you deserve it, you’re worth it.

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