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Active Gifted Kids

Episode 014 · Duration: 00:09:52

The Importance of Getting Even our Gifted Kids to Exercise

Physical activity is developmentally important for every kid, but many kids avoid it. Even gifted kids, with great grades and excellent behavior still need to get out there and move their bodies even if they are reluctant. As parents, requiring exercise could make you feel like you’re being picky and aren’t appreciating all the good work your child is doing. But physical literacy and getting your kids moving and exercising is vital to their well being.

In episode 14 of Healthy Family Connections, Neil takes a question from a mom concerned that her gifted son isn’t getting the exercise he needs:

“I have a gifted 13 year old boy who is not interested in athletics at all. He gets straight A’s, practices his instrument, and reads sometimes at night. Besides that, he tells us his “outlet” and “de-stressing mechanism” is playing video games, either alone or online with friends (real people he knows). It’s hard to argue with him since he does all of his work. How can we encourage more physical activity when he doesn’t get the exercise as part of organized sports and isn’t interested in being active? This is not a weight concern at all as there is no issue there, but I know how much exercise benefits mental and physical health, and we want him to have this in his life.” – Marie, Dallas, Texas

Listen to this week’s episode to hear Neil discuss:

  • The mind / body connection
  • Physical literacy
  • Family fitness

…and more!

Be sure and checkout this week’s episode to hear Neil talk to parents about the importance of being role models for ourselves first, so we can be active and enjoy playing sports or doing physical activities with our kids.

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