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Neil's popular podcast addresses a broad variety of topics regarding family issues and how to help get everyone on a common path for healing. Neil gives you his perspective to helping families transform out of unhealthy behavioral patterns.

5 Stars

Praise for Neil D. Brown's Podcast

“Amazing podcast with real world scenarios and a constructive methodology.”

"A friend referred me to this podcast and to the book, 'Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle.' The book and podcast are amazing. I wish I’d learned about them much sooner. Really love it and I highly recommend checking it out."

Get the Clarity and Results to Move You Forward

In your life, family, or organization, you don’t have to struggle with feeling ineffective anymore.

With healthy family relationship dynamics, you can finally…

Relax knowing you’re doing what is right for you and your family.
Grow as a spouse knowing that you and your partner honor each other.

With expert guidance, your Treatment Program can finally…

Get your staff the training that will make the difference you're looking for.
Lead your team in a 360 degrees empowering way.

Parental Burnout Recovery Guide

Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle

This book is specifically focused on middle and high school age kids. It is such a common age for control battles and the issues of growing through adolescence are specific and unique. In this landmark family-relations book, you will discover the power of the Control Battle, the three drivers that cause and support it, and the two powerful tools that end it.

Puts the power to be the very best parent you can be back in your hands. Love, peace and connection is where every healthy parent longs to go, and here’s the map to get there.”

As a marriage and family therapist for over 28 years, I found 'Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle' an exceptionally valuable resource for parents who are navigating the challenges associated with raising teenagers.”