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This Common Problem Hurts The Whole Family

The Healthy Family Connections Podcast Episode 255 · Duration: 00:25:36 Now here is something to think about. When you and your partner approach standards and consequences very differently, it could be fine, or you could be making a very big mistake. Neil explains how polarized positions are triangulating and confusing for teens and how to end […]

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Use This Skill and Everyone Will Love You

The Healthy Family Connections Podcast Episode 254 · Duration: 00:22:08 In this podcast, Neil and Robin respond to a husband and father struggling with why he isn’t being listened to or appreciated in his own family. Neil offers a powerful yet simple way to think of and build empathy skills, a missing ingredient for this husband […]

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Neil D Brown podcast 253

Can’t I Just “Say It Like It Is” To My Kids?

The Healthy Family Connections Podcast Episode 253 · Duration: 00:22:58 What do you do when after reading a stack of parenting books, and trying to say everything just the right way, you get fed up and want to just “say it like it is?”  Today we’re hearing from Josephina in Austin, Tx who writes:  Dear Neil, […]

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