Family Estrangement or Dysfunction

Should I Reconcile With My Dysfunctional Family?

The Healthy Family Connections Podcast Episode 249 · Duration: 00:34:50 In this podcast, Neil, along with co-host Robin, reviews a question that Amy Dickenson responded to in her column at the end of December entitled, “Texas native should go home again.” What do you do if your family of origin has cut you off for moving […]

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A crisis with your team podcast 248

A Crisis With Your Teen? Maybe It’s An Opportunity!

The Healthy Family Connections Podcast Episode 248 · Duration: 00:20:52 What do you do when you discover your high school senior has not been going to his classes and instead, has been putting all his energy into gaming? Today we are hearing from Kaylin of Eastern Connecticut. Kaylin writes:  Dear Neil, I suffer from debilitating anxiety […]

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Neil D Brown podcast

Self-Centered or Self-Oriented? Know The Difference And Thrive

The Healthy Family Connections Podcast Episode 247 · Duration: 00:28:30 In this podcast, Neil and co-host Robin discuss three ways of being: self-oriented, self-centered and other-centered. Neil provides insight into how each of us is probably a little or a lot of each in our lives depending on our day-to-day circumstances. The most effective and mature […]

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