What To Do With A Chronically Lying Child

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What To Do With A Chronically Lying Child

Episode 005 · Duration: 00:14:02

Children will surprise us with a host of challenging behavior. We never expect it, yet we have to somehow figure out how to deal with it.

What happens when you have a child who chronically lies?

In episode five of Healthy Family Connections, Neil takes a complicated question from Terri, a father who is concerned about his son’s lying and is not sure what the best approach should be:

In other podcasts I listen to I have learned there is a correlation between how successful a child becomes and the ability for the child to lie. How important do you think trust is in a parent-child relationship? I don’t think the point of the correlation is that I should encourage my kid to lie, but I think the point is that the smarter the kid is or the more confident the kid is the more likely he or she will be to think they are able to pull the wool over my eyes. I know my middle child is going to be successful because he lies to me all of the time. Do I call him out everytime time he lies or do I let it slide and only call him out on the important ones? Is trust a two way street? – Terry from Greendale, Wisconsin

Listen to this week’s episode to hear Neil discuss:

  • Kids and truth telling
  • “Lying” verses “Learning to tell the truth”
  • The control battle and how to end a chronic pattern such as lying

…and more!

Be sure to checkout this week’s episode to hear Neil’s thoughtful advice. As well as recommendations on the best way to strategize and cope with parenting a chronically lying child.

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