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4 Steps to Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle
[Lead with a Story Podcast // Oct-16-2017]

Upstate Parent Magazine – October 2017 Issue on p. 33 & 34 
[Upstate Parent Magazine // Oct-1-2017]

Bay Area Parent Magazine – September Issue on page 14-15
[Bay Area Parent Magazine // Sept-1-2017]

Episode #70 – Parental Burnout: What is It and How to Recover from it, with Neil Brown
[Tilt Parenting Podcast // Aug-15-2017]

Coping with Parental Burnout 
[Shrink Rap Radio // Aug-8-2017]

Parental burnout: 7 warning signs and how to cope
[SmartParents // July-18-2017]

Taming the Beast of control battles in families
[Launching Your Daughter Podcast // June-7-2017]

Parental burnout-3 Causes & Cures
[Woodbury Report // May-15-2017]

Parents, are you burned out? Know the signs and what to do about it.
[Astin 360 // April-2-2017]

Psychotherapist Entrepreneur, Neil Brown is helping families every day through his work as a family therapist.
[Positive Phil Show // March-31-2017]

How to Beat the Struggle with Schoolwork (pg 25)
[Family Matters Miami // March-12-2017]

Ending That Screen Time Battle
[Pittsburg Parent // March-1-2017]

Teen Depression Is on the Rise
[Calgary’s Child // Feb-26-2017

Transforming Family Disharmony into Family Unity – with Neil Brown
[Make a Mental Note Podcast // Jan-16-2017]

Dr. Wendy Walsh Show @ 36:20-51:12
[KFI AM 640 // Nov-27-2016]

How to Eliminate Control Battles With Your Differently-Wired Teen
[Tilt Parenting // Nov-01-2016]

Good Morning Monterey Bay
[KSCO AM 1080 // Oct-25-2016]

Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle-Neil Brown
[The Woodbury Report // Aug-18-2016]

Ending The Parent-Teen Control Battle with Neil D. Brown LCSW
[Shrink Rap Radio // Jul-18-2016]

[Dr. Sophy’s Podcast // Jun-10-2016]

Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle

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