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Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle

by Neil D. Brown, LCSW
published by New Harbinger Publications (2016)

When families come to me with a problem, it’s not because they haven’t tried to solve it and it’s not because they didn’t have good ideas or intentions. It’s just that the problem persists in spite of their best efforts to resolve it.

After years of working to help families solve problems, I’ve come to understand the power of ongoing negative relationship patterns, and once I focused my therapeutic efforts on changing the pattern, I was able to empower families to solve their problems.

Ending the Parent-Teen Control BattleNow my new book, Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle, reveals the secrets of my highly successful approach.

I’ve focused this book specifically on middle and high school age kids since this is such a common age for Control Battles and the issues of adolescence are specific and unique.

In it you will discover the power of the Control Battle, the three drivers that cause and support it and the two powerful tools that end it.

There is a chapter where the reader will learn new discoveries that impact adolescent development, and chapters that addresses some common conditions and circumstances that contribute to Control Battles as well.

So if you’re beginning to experience parental burnout or you are concerned that your teenager is going in the wrong direction and your best efforts to help him or her are not solving the problem, order your copy of Ending the Parent-Teen Control Battle today.

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Even parents whose children are just entering adolescence can learn about and avoid the conditions that inevitably lead to Control Battles. I’m confident that it will open your eyes and offer you a whole new way of thinking and being with your teen.

Is It A Control Battle?