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Neil D. Brown
Neil D. Brown

Hi, I’m Neil Brown…

And long before I went to graduate school, I knew I wanted to be a family therapist.

I had been working as a teacher in a school for children with developmental delays in southern Colorado and I discovered something amazing. When we drove out to the students’ distant rural homes, met with their parents, and told them how much we enjoyed their kids, it created a profound difference in how the children performed.

They went from defeated, depressed, unmotivated students to happy, engaged kids.

I knew then and there that a magical transformative power existed within families, and I wanted to learn how to tap into it.

Powerful Models for Human Growth

Dr. Salvador Minuchin
Dr. Salvador Minuchin

So, it was off to the University of Denver Graduate School of Social Work for me where I received my Masters in Social Work.

It was here where I was first introduced to powerful models for human growth and to the growing field of family therapy.

I became a virtual family therapy addict and starting in graduate school and for years afterward, I went to seminar after seminar — read stacks of books — and even studied for a month at the Philadelphia Child Guidance Center, where Dr. Salvador Minuchin was the Director.

Dr. Minuchin was one of the primary theorists and developers of Structural Family Therapy and remains its primary proponent to this day.

All this studying about family dynamics and its influence on individual development forced me to look at myself and the family in which I grew up.

A Look at Myself & My Family

Neil, Age 3
Neil, Age 3

I grew up in suburban New Jersey, and while I loved my family and I still do, I became aware of the limiting and in many ways destructive relationship and communication patterns I grew up with and the impact they had on my own personality development.

The truth is that we don’t wake up one day and say,

“Wow, I’m a grown-up now, so now I’m fully grown and completely wise.”

If we don’t get completely stuck in our development, we keep growing throughout our lives.

I’m no exception to this rule, and I’ve needed to focus on both my personal growth and development and my professional growth and development, as well.

A Whole Lot of Growing to Do

Well, I’ve had plenty of time for personal and professional growth with a heck of a lot of years, each day trying to do a better job than the day before.

Eileen & My Two Sons
Eileen & My Two Sons

The love of my life — my wonderful wife Eileen — and I raised our two boys, now young men, and we learned just how hard and wonderful it is to challenge oneself to be a good parent, partner, and individual.

We made plenty of mistakes, avoiding many of the ones our parents made, yet coming up against our own blind spots. But since there is no such thing as a perfect person or a perfect family we at least know that our kids got our best — flawed and yet wonderful at the same time.

Let’s Get to Know Each Other!

So, with all this time, growing, challenging, and learning, I’ve arrived at a place where it’s time for me to do some sharing beyond the clients I see each week. I’ve developed some powerful models for working with individuals, families, couples and even work groups in both small businesses and corporations.

I’ll share my knowledge through my blog on a host of topics that you’re invited to benefit from and comment on. If you find the topics I wrote on to be of interest, please don’t hesitate to share them on social media.

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Ending the Parent Teen Control Battle
Ending the Parent Teen Control Battle

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Lastly — and perhaps most importantly — my first book entitled Ending the Parent Teen Control Battle was released this year.

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