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How To Raise A Spiritually Aware Child

Episode 015 · Duration: 00:11:19

How to raise a spiritually aware child

Do you wonder about how to raise your child to be spiritually aware? Most listeners will relate to belief in God, and others simply won’t. Regardless of your personal beliefs developing one’s spirituality is an important thing for all of us.

In episode 15 of Healthy Family Connections, Neil takes a question from one mom concerned about nurturing and growing her child’s belief in God.

“How do you help a child establish a relationship with God? How do you make him or her spiritually aware? And at what age?” – Priyal, Iowa City, Iowa

Listen to this week’s episode to hear Neil discuss:

  • Spirituality
  • Showing your child how to believe through your own practice
  • Some basics to help your child form their own relationship with God
  • What to expect as your child gets older and setting expectations

…and more!

Be sure and checkout this week’s episode to hear Neil talk to parents about how to discuss God and spirituality with our kids, the importance of reminding them that God doesn’t expect us to be perfect, and that God / spirituality is there to help us learn and grow.

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