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Are My Kids Being Bullied?

Episode 039 · Duration: 00:16:50

Are My Kids Being Bullied?

October is National Bullying Awareness Month, and we all have a role to play in ending bullying. Are you worried about how your kids are doing socially in school? Are you worried they might be being bullied? Here’s a timely question from Christie of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, one of our listeners:

I’m the mother of two daughters, 8 and 10, and a 14 year old son. I’ve always been shy and I was picked on and made fun of a lot when I was in school. Now I worry about how my kids are being treated at school. My 8 year old is pretty feisty and sticks up for herself pretty well, but I worry about my 14 year old son and my 10 year old daughter. Neither one has a lot of friends. My son says he has friends when he plays computer games with other kids, but not much outside of that. My 10 year old daughter says nobody likes her, she has a couple of girls she plays with, but she doesn’t go out of her way to connect with them. I wish my son and daughter would be more supportive of each other, too. My son says mean things to her at home which I’ve told him about, but it keeps going on. My husband often works away from home, so I need to deal with this on my own. How do I know if either she or my son are being bullied at school? How can I help them?

Listen to this week’s episode to hear Neil discuss:

  • Defining and identifying bullying
  • The physical and mental health effects of bullying
  • Causes of bullying and the bullying cycle
  • A game-plan to combat bullying
  • Establishing positive change at home
  • Encouraging positive social engagement to build self-esteem

Neil says:

“Bullying is using physical or social power to intentionally hurt or intimidate others. ”

“We need to have ways to manage conflict that’s respectful and we need to create a social environment for everyone.”

“Maybe there are classroom dynamics that are hurtful. You need to find out. I encourage you to visit the teacher and ask about how she’s doing socially.”

Bullying is using physical or social power to intentionally hurt or intimidate others. Click To Tweet
We need to have ways to manage conflict that's respectful.Click To Tweet

…and more!

Check out this week’s podcast episode to learn how to stop bullying cycles in their tracks and reinstate positive values in your family.

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