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How to Raise a Strong Minded Child

Episode 013 · Duration: 00:09:09


Having strong-minded outspoken kids can challenge even the most talented parents. It’s very easy to get into control battles with strong-minded kids. If we go down that rabbit hole, then we have a bigger problem to deal with. It’s best to celebrate our kid’s independent nature and allow the skills of cooperation and respect to be part of the process of their learning and growing, but it’s not always easy.

In episode 13 of Healthy Family Connections, Neil takes a question from a parent wondering how to go about disciplining their strong-minded child:

“What are appropriate and effective methods of discipline for outspoken, independent and highly intelligent 6-8 year olds?” – Jasiri, San Jose, California

Listen to this week’s episode to hear Neil discuss:

  • Reframing our thinking around “discipline”
  • Cooperation as a skill to learn and conquer
  • Feedback and accountability

…and more!

Be sure and checkout this week’s episode to hear Neil talk to parents about identifying acceptable and unacceptable behaviors, and the process of teaching our kids the skills we want them to learn as a result.

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Is It A Control Battle?